Welcome to Marble & Joinery Workshop Ltd

For more than a decade, Marble & Joinery Workshop LTD has established a remarkable reputation in London. We have provided exceptional joinery and fitting services throughout the city, leading to firm relationships with leading architects, designers, contractors and builders alike. Being based in London, it is easy to run into extortionate prices and so we recognise that despite the quality of our services, they are affordable.

Our services range mainly involve bespoke architectural joinery such as with doors, architraves, bedroom wardrobes as well as bathroom and kitchen cabinets. We find that as these are popular components of our work. Accordingly, we have developed a specialist understanding in this area of joinery. Other than large scale joinery processes, we offer specific services that are a segment of these. We stand proficient in services concerning veneering, spraying, edging and CNC as well as marble related services.

Including this, our joinery process includes “templating”, supplying, importing, sourcing, manufacturing and installation. By using the latest technology, we mechanise most stages of manufacturing, however through our expertise in hand craftsmanship, we concentrate on areas that require refined skill.

All sourced materials are supplied by our leading partners globally such as those from Southern Europe, East Asia or South Africa, to name a few. The quality of the materials we use has led to immense success with our clients. We ensure that we provide high quality materials at economical values. In turn our materials serve you in the long term, providing you look after them as well.

What We Do

We manufacture bespoke architectural joinery such as:



Bedroom Wardrobes

Bathroom Cabinets

Kitchen Cabinets

recent projects

Our aim is to provide first class bespoke stone solutions to our customers.